Gourmet Food Deals

Gourmet Food Deals & The Best Gourmet Food Ideas

We love food as much as getting deals! After extensive research, here’s our selection of the best sites to get great deals on the most popular Gourmet Foods including Chocolate / Tea / Coffee / Wine / Cheese / Nuts / Gift Baskets and lots more tasty treats:

Lindt Chocolate

Finest quality chocolate bars and truffles at very reasonable prices! Check out the ‘Custom Mix’ – You can make your own bag or box of gourmet chocolates filled with exactly the truffles you want!

Lindt Deals   Including: Get 5 bags of truffles for the price of 3.   Also: 2 for 1 on Chocolate Bars and Free Shipping with minimum order

Lindt Chocolate Deals

Capital Teas

Capital Teas has a wonderful selection of over 200 organic & natural teas and infusions. Some of our favorites are the Organic Irish Breakfast Tea, Organic Earl Grey and Organic Rocky Mountain Chai (pictured).

Capital Teas Deals   Free shipping with minimum order ($55) and 3 free tea samples with every order!

Capital Teas Deals

HiLine Coffee Company

The HiLine Coffee Company was created to combine the convenience of pods (Nespresso or Keurig) with the finest gourmet coffee, freshly ground just before shipping. They have lots of awesome flavors including Hazelnut Cupcake, Vanilla Macacon and Pumpkin Spice. Turn your home into a gourmet coffee shop!

HiLine Coffee Company Deals   Free Sample Pack. 20% Off and Free Shipping on orders over $50

HiLine Coffee Company Deals

Intelligent Blends

Intelligent Blends provides a wide range of gourmet coffee pods direct to you, making for the best prices. They produce a number of great sampler packs so you can try 8 top quality coffees for just $4.99!

Intelligent Blends Deals   30%+ Off on Selected Products and Free shipping

Intelligent Blends Deals


Wine.com is the number one online wine shop due to their huge selection of quality gourmet wines, fast delivery and excellent customer service. They also provide excellent deals and a flat rate for unlimited shipping so it’s a great option as your regular choice for wine. Check out their top rated Wines under $20.

Wine.com Deals   $20 off spend of $100 for New Customers   /   Up to 40% Off Selected Items   /   Clearance Deals   /   Annual Flat Rate Unlimited Shipping $49

Wine.com Deals

Di Bruno Bros – Gourmet Cheese

Di Bruno Bros have been supplying gourmet food since 1939 and have an extensive range of fine products. The have a particularly impressive selection of gourmet cheese ranging from the classics such at Parmigiano Reggiano to curious conversation starters such as the colorful Occelli Testun Con Frutta E Grappa Di Moscato (pictured).

Di Bruno Bros Deals   Free shipping with min order

Di Bruno Bros Deals

NatureBox – Gourmet Nuts

NatureBox has a great selection of healthy gourmet snacks, perfect for entertaining or enjoying yourself. Their nut section has original and tasty treats including Sweet Blueberry Almonds, Sriracha Roasted Almonds (pictured), Spicy Pub Mix and Coconut Cashews.

NatureBox Deals   50% Off First Purchase + Free Gift!

NatureBox Deals


As their name suggests, they specialize in Gourmet Gift Baskets and have gift baskets for every occasion. They also have a wide variety of themes ranging from the “Classic Red Wine Gift Basket” through “Barbecue Boss” to “Nature’s Picnic – Fruit Gift Basket” (pictured).

GourmetGiftBaskets.com Deals   10% Off when you sign up for their newsletter + Free Shipping on selected items

GourmetGiftBaskets.com Deals

CyberCucina – Italian Gourmet Food

Great selection of Italian and Mediterranean gourmet food including virgin olive oil, chocolate, coffee, jam and a wide variety of gourmet food gifts.

CyberCucina Deals   10% Off when you sign up for their newsletter

CyberCucina Deals

Amazon Gourmet Food

Amazon has an ever increasing selection of gourmet products on offer at very competitive prices. Check out the best sellers in Chocolate Truffles, Coffee, Wine, Olive Oil and Food Gifts.

Amazon Gourmet Food Deals   Highly competitive prices and free delivery on selected items

Amazon Gourmet Food Deals

We hope you find lots of new food favorites with the help of this list and remember to share it online! – Who knows, you might get a gourmet food gift in the post from one of your friends as a thank-you!