About Us & Commercial Relationships

Summary of Coupon-Fox.com:

  • We conduct extensive deals research and post the best offers we find.
  • We get paid affiliate commissions from some of the companies featured.
  • You get the best deals when buying via Coupon-fox.com

Coupon-Fox.com is designed to help you find the best deals for the things you want, fast.

We’ve spent hundreds of hours researching many categories of products and services to figure out which are the best brands and then to find the best deals for each of these.

In the course of this research, we’ve established affiliate relationships with many of these brands. This means that, if you click-through from Coupon-Fox.com to these brands, we may receive a financial reward, known as an affiliate commission. This is standard practice on many websites that make recommendations. It’s important to note that you, as the consumer, will not pay extra for this. In fact the whole point of Coupon-Fox.com is to get you the best deals for the products and services you are looking for: So by using Coupon-Fox.com, you’ll pay a lot less than if you were to buy without our deal recommendations.

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